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3 Tips For Starting Your Startup

Startups seem to be the new black - approximately three are founded every minute. More than $50b in venture funding is invested every year. 9 out of 10 will fail within three years of being established. Not great odds. So why do founders keep at it? There is no magic formula for startup success; however, I will try and give you three things that might tip the scales of success in your favour.

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The 4 Essentials Of An Investible Idea

As an investor in startups, I see well over 100 formal startup pitches every year – and probably even more “elevator” pitches. There are many factors that determine if I invest in a company, but when evaluating the “idea”, I test for four key components: desirability, viability, feasibility and adaptability.

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Why Founder Fitness Is Crucial To Startup Success

Approximately 3 startups are founded every minute - “startup” is definitely the new black. The barriers to entry are low - pretty much anyone with a laptop and an idea can start a business. This democratisation of entrepreneurship has produced some amazing results - everything from ride sharing, food delivery to electric cars - and our society and our economy are better for it. Yet, increasingly we are seeing a darker side - with entrepreneurs being unprepared for the physical, mental and emotional stresses of putting it all on the line for their business.

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