3 Tips For Starting Your Startup

Startups seem to be the new black - approximately three are founded every minute. More than $50b in venture funding is invested every year. 9 out of 10 will fail within three years of being established. Not great odds. So why do founders keep at it? There is no magic formula for startup success; however, I will try and give you three things that might tip the scales of success in your favour.

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The 4 Essentials Of An Investible Idea

As an investor in startups, I see well over 100 formal startup pitches every year – and probably even more “elevator” pitches. There are many factors that determine if I invest in a company, but when evaluating the “idea”, I test for four key components: desirability, viability, feasibility and adaptability.

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Why We Need To Talk About Failure!

Failure. Just the word itself can cause an entrepreneur to break out into a cold sweat. If I asked you to think about your worst failure, what would come to mind? More importantly, how does thinking about that failure make you feel? Does it make you feel embarrassed? Guilty? Angry? Rejected? All of the above? Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have a visceral reaction to failure. Its something we don’t like experiencing, and it’s certainly something we don’t like talking about.

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Jamie Pride
Why Founder Fitness Is Crucial To Startup Success

Approximately 3 startups are founded every minute - “startup” is definitely the new black. The barriers to entry are low - pretty much anyone with a laptop and an idea can start a business. This democratisation of entrepreneurship has produced some amazing results - everything from ride sharing, food delivery to electric cars - and our society and our economy are better for it. Yet, increasingly we are seeing a darker side - with entrepreneurs being unprepared for the physical, mental and emotional stresses of putting it all on the line for their business.

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There Has To Be A Better Way

Over the past 20 years I have founded and funded numerous technology startups. During that time I have seen a clear pattern emerging: startup failure has become an accepted industry norm, and it has an impact that reaches far beyond financial loss to investors. Having experienced my own journey of failure as a founder more than once, I have felt the very real, deep, personal impact of that failure on me, my family and my colleagues.

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